- Wednesday, December 28, 2016

New Year. New Dreams. 5 Blogging Resolution Strategies

Your blog wants to resolve things on New Years. Listen to it. Shhh. Yep it's whispering from the graves of writers, "Carpe Diem." Oh wait, that's Dead Poets Society. But it's probably saying things like, "I want to lose some weight, get rid of some of these plug ins," and "I need a total makeover, redo my entire design." Of course, "I want to increase my following, promote the shit out of me this year."

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Countless of over-achieving humanoids have already started making their New Year Resolutions, but some of us in this world wait until the last minute to do things, including setting the goals in the first place. We will probably also procrastinate when we implement those resolutions as well.

But our blogs are a part of us, like another us, and it too may want to make some resolutions. Here are some ideas to get you started...

Let Go of the Negative Past

It's wise to think about last year. What worked on your blog? What didn't work on your blog? What are things you wish you could change about the last year with your blog?

Now the way to let that go is to make some plans and goals into a future you wanted last year. Don't dwell on the sour things, but use them as a guide to help steer you into the direction you want to go.

For instance, I personally missed just about every deadline last year for personal reasons. It's just that no matter how hard I tried, life kept me from achieving. This year, I want to change that, but I can't do that if I dwell on how much I suck because I did this last year, and I can't move forward if I believe I can't because I didn't last year. The only way to let go is to plan for a change, and make that plan my present dayness.

Embrace the Positive Past

I'm one of those personalities who is incapable of seeing my own success. Some people are quite the opposite as they tend to embrace failures as a success like they are drunk in optimism. They are better off in many ways because they feel like they are accomplishing accomplishment (a major motivation to keep swimming) and are positioning themselves in their mind (as well as their friends and followers) as a successful person. That's kind of important because people cling to and follow "success."

Take a look at the good things you accomplished last year and give yourself props for that. Like in my case, I have a book I did. It's not selling much. A lot of that is because I slacked on marketing all together. So I feel like a failure, but really it's still amazing that I did a book. I will only take time this year to market that book if I truly believe in my book as a product, and I can't do that if I already decided there's something wrong with the book instead of my marketing strategy.

Follow Your Heart

We read a billion gazillion things about what we need to be doing with our blogs, but the truth is, we only live once. The dead poets are telling you "Carpe Diem." Listen to that.

Do you. Do what you want to do. Follow your dreams. Otherwise you're work feels meaningless.

This might also be a good time to remind yourself what you are really trying to do. These aren't things like, "Make money and get more followers." These are things like, "Contribute to a greater good." This way, succeed or fail, you have a real reason to continue what you do, and your passion will shine through your work creating a better product.

Find a Balance between Over and Under in your Blog's New Years Resolutions

You don't want to overachieve in your goals, but you don't want to underachieve. Give yourself some doable challenges in baby steps.

If you overachieve too much in hopes to aim higher and maybe you'll land higher, you'll probably set yourself up to feel like a failure when you aren't. If you underachieve, you aren't challenging yourself, and you'll stay pretty stagnate.

Find a Balance between What you Want to Give and What your People Want to Take

Ask yourself questions about you and also questions about your readers.

Questions about you include things like:

  • What do I enjoy writing about the most?
  • What styles do I prefer to write?
  • What do I feel like I want to give people?
  • Do I enjoy doing my graphic design?
  • What are my biggest struggles?
  • What are my biggest weaknesses that I could work on?

Questions about your readers include things like:

  • Who is my target market? 
  • What demographics are my readers?
  • What questions are they asking?
  • What solutions are they looking for?
  • What freebies could they really want?
  • What feelings do they want to feel?
  • Do they want things I don't like doing?

Then kind of reconcile those two.

  • Is your content and design target-market-friendly?
  • Are you giving your readers what they want? or what you want?
  • If your readers don't seem to dig your content you are passionate about, how can you find readers who will? Do you need a new target market?
  • How can you help readers feel what they want to feel when reading your work?
  • If you don't like doing things you know your readers want, can you contract that out? Maybe see if anyone on Fiverr or Freelancer can do it. 
  • If something about you doesn't fit well with your readers, what can you do to change their perspective? People don't know what they want until you tell them. So if something about you isn't naturally clinging to people (like maybe you cuss), come up with a strategy to help them embrace that side of you. 

Your New Year's Resolutions are supposed to be very personal and individualized tailor-fit to your wants, needs, personality and style. Don't do cookie cutter resolutions because everyone else is doing it. Pick one though from your tribe just for PR purposes, but really focus on you and what you really want.

Here's a little thing I made some random year ago, and you're more than welcome to print it out for some ideas or a place to start.