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How Do You Make People Feel?

Think about all your content on your blog and social media. What overall feeling do you think people feel with your content as a whole?


  • People like to feel
  • Positive emotions are shared more frequently than negative emotions
  • People don't remember what you say as much as how you make them feel

How Do You Make People Feel?

This is a question we should all frequently ask ourselves now and then.

Take a look at your overall pattern of behaviors with feelings you convey in your work. You can probably almost make a text cloud of words that describe the emotions you convey, or words you wish to convey, or an automatic generation of used words from your domain, and if you like that, you have a great picture for your About Me section.

Tag Crowd will make a tag cloud based on word usage from pasted text or a web address. This is a great tool to find out what you are conveying right now on your blog.
Word it Out is a great one if you don't have a lot of words and don't want them repeated.
Image Chef will repeat words into a shape like, "Love You."
Word Clouds gives you more control over the font, shape, colors, size and file type.

Positive Emotions Get Shared More

Research in my post on Market Analysis showed that OKdork took a look at 100 million shared posts and labeled the types of emotions the pieces conveyed.

Awe, laughter, amusement and joy covers a little more than half of the pie graph of the results.

I think the reason for this is
  1. People like to feel good. Feeling good feels good. Logical.
  2. People like to make others feel good too, especially when they feel good.

How To Write More Positive

People also seem to like a balance of positive and negative emotions within a story. Too many bad things happening to you or a character without much good can leave the reader feeling sad, unmotivated, and tired. However, they do like the emotional roller coasters that, when finished, leaves them feeling something positive.

Think of it like math. You have negative numbers (anger, hurt, sadness) and positive numbers (happiness, awe, laughter). You can have negative numbers in your equation, but if you add your equation together, an answer with a positive number will leave people walking away with a feel-good vibe.

It's hard to remember to make a conscious effort to be more positive on the internet, especially when negative emotions make it really hard to see how negative we really are, nor at that point do we really give two sh.....

So I made this little FREE printable thingy to hang near my computer.

How will that make people feel. What are the overall feelings you are leaving readers with your blog?

Things to Remember

A lot of it isn't the topic. It isn't in the perspective or other writing concepts you see taught in textbooks and college. But it is in the way you say it. For instance, there's a huge difference between, "I bit him," and "He got injured."

These are things I'm trying to remind myself...
  • Instead of saying things like YOU SHOULD, I need to be saying things like YOU CAN.
  • Instead of saying THIS IS AWFUL, I should be saying THE OPPOSITE OF THIS IS AWESOME!
  • Don't tell people what to do; instead, tell them the benefits of doing something.
A perfect illustration by 

Ways to convey emotion without saying the emotion:

You want to be careful conveying too much emotion without flat out saying it. The internet is different than print in many ways including how you write. On the internet, people speed read and peruse more than not, so you want to make things as obvious as possible in as few words as possible. Some people also read word-for-word, and those people are more the type to follow someone who impressed them with their writing, so you also want to have some literary devices (like metaphor).
  • Use physical symptoms the emotion leaves behind--"His palms were sweaty, knees weak, arms heavy..." Eminem
  • Use dialogue--Instead of Donald Trump is racist, Donald Trump said, "Our great African American president hasn't exactly had a positive impact on the thugs who are so happily and openly destroying Baltimore."
  • Describe a setting that would invoke emotions--"Mr. Blue Bird on my Shoulder... " or "I had 3 minutes to find those car keys."
  • Use metaphors--The sky falls on me
Communication is a two-way street: Speaking and Listening, but really, communication is about both the Speaker and the Listener. Many times, you probably leave out certain information assuming whoever you are talking to doesn't want to hear that part. Asking yourself "How do I make people feel?" is another way to consider the reader's needs when writing. The emotions you convey also defines you to your reader.


  1. Make a text cloud of feelings you convey for your About Me section of your blog.
  2. Take this Quiz, most importantly, the question, "What is your favorite animal and why?" This is much more profound than a quiz from Cosmo, and it's short (3 questions).

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