Free Video Creation Tools

Finding free shit isn't easy, until now.

Everyone is saying Video is the Rage for over 15 years now. It's true. Facebook is giving preference to videos. Home-Made You Tube videos are becoming more famous than TV Shows, especially among the millenials. And video is often used for webinars and online course creation. I'm would put money that Stephen Colbert's video clips on Twitter and Facebook are probably getting more ratings than his actual network. So, video is a thing we all should be doing more of.

♥ Hearts on my Favorites ♥

Video Making

♥ Lumen 5: Create video: automated from text and web. Free and paid plans available. I use the free plan, and often I write out segments of text and copy and paste that from a google doc to make videos.

Ezvid: I use Ezvid for Windows to record screens. I also have created videos through just this, and I love it because it reminds me of Window's old video creator before they updated it to make less sense to me. It has a video timeline, and an audio timeline, and a photo timeline, stacked up against each other. It's very basic, but I struggle sometimes to get it to save to a format that I can use in various places. To directly import to other video software, no problem, but to get it more Facebook friendly, I've had to upload to youtube as a private file, and then download it.

Loom: Free screen recorder with or without web cam.

OBS Studio: Open Broadcaster Software for video recording and live streaming

ShotCut: Free Video Editing Software a user describes as "robust for a free program."

Sparkol: Story Pix is free and it basically just makes a video out of photos, but perfect for quick Facebook videos and turning memes into a video or making videos that feature products. Video Scribe has a free trial, but it's designed to make those whiteboard animation videos where someone draws notes on a board with a marker while you talk.

VSDC: Free Video Editor a user describes as best for "heavy lifting."

♥ Wondershare by Filmora: They have a free trial. I'm not sure how it works now, but in the past, you couldn't produce a video that didn't have the watermark on it until you paid for it, but I have found it to be the most user friendly for people who don't want to read tutorials and just want to learn by playing with it.

Video Footage

AP Archive: Search a database of video footage, some is available for reuse and others need permission so look for that.

Bottled Video: Free videos for personal and commercial use. Offers a paid site as well. A lot more realistic videos with people.

♥ Coverr: Reminds me of Unsplash when it first came out. Free for almost any use for the most part.

Cute Stock Footage: Free for personal or commercial use. Terms linked in the FAQ.

Free HD Footage: Free to use videos

Ignite Motion: Background videos of motion free for personal or commercial use

Motion Elements: Get 5 free downloads a week if you sign up, and get 5 more free downloads a week up to 30 extra downloads for each friend you refer. Also paid options (pretty expensive).

Orange HD: Free for non-commercial use. Paid commercial options

♥ VidEezy: Free for personal or commercial use with attribution; over 4K videos

♥ Videvo: Free for personal or commercial use; some with creative commons license requiring attribution and others with just free use no attribution required. Also has music and sound effects.

VidsPlay: Background videos free for personal or commercial use

XStock Video: Offers free licenses and paid licenses

Other Video Things

Giphy: Create gifs from video or photos 

Nimbus Capture: Capture screen shots and video, but video still must be washed through a video software as it saves it as a webm file.

♥ Production Crate: Really cool effects to lay over video like add a nuclear bomb explosion or magical force field to any photo or video. Free plan includes 5 effect downloads per day from the free archives; Pro Plan at $49 a year gets unlimited downloads and access to pro archives.

Splasheo: Free Outro downloads and guides

Zoom: Video Conferencing

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