Free Graphics

Finding free shit isn't easy, until now. 

Brace yourself for a long ass List

I have gone crazy trying to find free images to use. I personally purchase a bunch of credits with Deposit Photos and then forget where I purchased them from, but they come in handy for when I need something in particular and can't find it for free. I wait until they do this regular sale where they sell a bunch of credits for $40. It seems to happen once a year. 

Meanwhile, these are great sites for free images. 

♥ Hearts on my Favorites ♥ 

Beautiful Feminine Styled Stock

Most of these are paid deals with some free samples, but they are what all the cool people are using... 

♥♥ Amy Shamblen: She has some freebies and they are fucking awesome

Elle at Styled Stock Photography: Monthly freebies are always beautiful

Haute Stock: Get free photos when you sign up

SC Stockshop: Get free photos when you sign up plus monthly freebies

Ivory Mix: Get free access to library with sign up

Public Domain

Double check the licensing as not all graphics in these sites are public domain, but they offer public domain.

NappyCo -- All images are in CC0 Public Domain, and unlike the other places, you can find culturally diverse photos here.

Rawpixel -- They have public domain, and free to use categories as well as paid ones.

My Flickr --Photographs, Illustrations, Vectors... Most are in public domain.

Pixabay-- Photography and Illustrations, all were in Public Domain, but now they have changed licensing but still all are available for personal or commercial use --Easy Search Options.

Pexels --Photography all free to use for any reason--Easy Search Options

Iwaria -- Photographs of Africa placed in CC0 Public Domain

Stock Snap --Photography Free of Copyrights --Easy Search Options

Public Domain Files --Clip-Art, Photographs, Fonts and Art --Easy Search Options

123 Vectors --Vectors and backgrounds, and each image will tell you its license. --Easy Search Options

Public Domain Vectors --All in public domain --Easy search options

Open Clip Art --Clip art and vectors, all in public domain --Easy Search Options

Clickr --Clip Art ALL in Public Domain --Easy Search Options

WP Clip art --All in public domain --Easy Search Options

Public Domain Clip Art --All in Public Domain --Easy search options

Good Free Photos -- All in Public Domain -- Easy Search Options

Wikimedia Commons --All types of content, some in public domain and others Creative Commons, and each image will tell you its license. --Easy Search Options

Unsplash -- Quality Photographs

Negative Space --Quality Photographs

Split Shire --Quality Photographs

Life of Pix --Quality Photographs

Snapwiresnaps --Quality Photographs

Jay Mantri --Quality Photographs

Free Pinups -- Pin Ups

Vintage Printable --All in Public Domain

New Old Stock --All in Public Domain

The British Library just put a bunch of art into public domain on Flickr.

The Library of Congress has a bunch of art in Flickr.

Nasa--Photos of Space

Little Visuals --Quality Photographs

The military websites have photos you can use, again because it's government and public domain. Air ForceArmyMarinesNavy. Just don't use their trademarked stuff like logos and seals.

Search By License

Flickr Commons --Not all images are free to use, but they have a Search by License Option

Compfight -- Looks for images with Creative Commons licenses and some filter results.

Google Images lets you filter search results by license type. Search any term, click images for image results, click tools, click usage rights, and choose a filter.

Bing's Images lets you filter search results by license type.

Deposit Photos

They add free images every week, but I'm also an affiliate, so here's an ad for the paid stuff. Follow me on social media and sign up for the email if you'd like any announcements of their sales.

Personal and Commercial Use, but some stipulations

Most of the sites on this list allow for personal and commercial use for almost anything. The main stipulations are no redistribution AND/OR attribution required.

WOCintech -- Women of Color in Tech photos. Attribution required.

UKBlackTech -- Attribution required.

Gratisography --Quality Photographs (small database, but excellent quality) --Easy Search Options

Stock Photos for Free --Stock Photography --Easy Search Options

Unprofound --Stock Photos --Easy Search Options

GetRefe -- Quality Photographs

Pic Jumbo --Quality Photographs

Every Stock Photo --Photographs, most are Creative Commons with Attribution required.

Morgue File has a lot of pictures free to use, just stipulated that you can't use it in a stand alone manner.

Flaticon has a bunch of free symbols (attribution required).

Photopin --Creative Commons

Open Photo --Attribution Required

Free Images --Stock photos; great selection; permission to use for almost anything, but unique license so you should read it.

500px --Creative Commons

RGB Stock --Photographs, unique license

Picture Quotes --Creative Commons

Mervik Cartoons --Email sign up required, no redistribution

US History Images --No redistribution

Death to Stock Photo --Quality Photographs

IM Creator --Quality Photographs Creative Commons

Wikipedia's huge extensive list of where to find images in public domain.

Eye for Ebony -- They offer Creative Market Bundles for a fee, but if you sign up for their email, they give away some pics. Due to the difficulty in finding stock photography of people of color, I felt it important to list this one of all the places that send free pictures via email sign up.

News and Other Images

AP Images: Not free, but extensive images available for almost every breaking news story

Getty Free Embeds: Getty images are pricey and out of most bloggers' price range, but they do allow you to embed image code free into non-commercial blogs, but they do use the embed to track info on your users, so you'll want to mention that in your privacy policy.


Unsure of licensing on these, but they are probably safe to use almost anywhere, especially social media.

Pinstamatic Generator: Create quotes, sticky's and more...

ReciteThis Quote Generator: Quotes--beautiful templates

Image Chef: Word mosaics, Text Gifs, Jerseys, Support Ribbons, Memes and more.

Glitter Photo: Add glitter and other effects to text.

Word Clouds: Create word clouds in seconds. Click Word List to paste words, and choose different options. Can upload your own shapes.

Toony Tool: Create crappy cartoons and text bubble on quality photographs

Change Faces: Like face in the hole, replace the face of something famous with yours.

Online Chart Tool: Create professional looking charts

ScreenShots: Quickly paste and edit screen shots

Quozio Quote Generator: Not sure licensing beyond social media and internet use