Free Graphic Design Stuff

Finding free shit isn't easy, until now.

Free Stuff for Graphic Designers

In addition to the other free resource categories, here are some more goodies the internet offers more geared to graphic artists.

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General Graphic Design

I use Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and In Design for most of my graphic design, and once you go this route, it's hard to go back. There's just so much freedom once you figure out how the hell to use it. I'm one of those people where I visualize something, and I get my stupid little brain stuck on one aspect with the rest of my design free to fall into place as I go. But that one stupid thing I really really want is never anything these free software things do that easily. 

But I'm also one to go on the cheap, so even though it's not free, I want to let you know an insider secret: the best way to purchase Adobe products is as a student. It's almost worth seeing if you can get any financial aid for college and take a class on the Adobe products. You really don't want Photoshop without taking a course on it anyway because it's so confusing at first. Not to mention the student discount is amazing. Now back in my day, you purchased $4,000 worth of software for $400, but now a days, you get a $50 a month deal for $20 a month, so you kind of have to keep being a student or teacher to get that discount. 

Canva: Free Graphic Design online software, but beware, a lot of the things you can use you have to pay for. Most bloggers I know use this. 

GIMP: Free open source image editor (like photoshop)

Stencil: Easily creates graphics for social media sharing and blog posts. They offer many backgrounds and other picture options. You can store your logo for easy, consistent placement. Free and paid plans available.

Free Graphic Elements

Brusheezy has some of the best quality textures, brushes, patterns and shapes. They also provide backgrounds in various file formats including png. The license information is included with each piece, but the common Brusheezy License is use with attribution.

Obsidian Dawn has a lot to offer the world of Photoshop, but she has some stipulations. For commercial use, you must link back or give credit; however, you can purchase a commercial license to not have to do that.

Arbent offers free brushes for personal and commercial use.

My Photoshop Brushes has some free for commercial use, but most offered are free for personal use only. The license is stipulated with each graphic element.

WebTreats has personal and commercial use photoshop elements, including backgrounds.

Vecteezy provides really amazing vectors and eps files, including backgrounds. The license information is included with each piece, but the common Vecteezy license is to use with attribution.

Searching for something in particular? The best way to find what you are looking for is to use a search engine, and search the specific brush or pattern you want, for instance, "Photoshop Brushes Ice," and then research the options for licensing purposes. This is pretty much the only way I do it anymore.

Creative Market

Creative Market generally offers a freebies of their paid products, but some of these products are worth paying for. I compiled a list of some must-have's. Keep in mind if it's labeled as an add-on, you buy a license that allows you to use it for an unlimited amount of projects and end products, but all their other products have more limits to their use in their standard license. I'm an affiliate, so here's an ad...

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