I am a stay at home mom who hates housework like most of the normal female population, so I blog to pretend I'm doing something productive. I am an old timer who totally dove into technology, so the ins and outs of blogging have been a learning experience for me.

While I wish I could have been one of those artsy students who went to an artsy school like that Justice show on Nickelodeon where my creativity would be nurtured and encouraged unlike most schools in the U.S., I didn't have that luxury. So instead, I have youtube.

My Blogging Past

My old blog is a long story, but I used to blog under Crumpets and Bollocks where I talked about whatever I felt like talking about, sometimes nonsense, sometimes deep thinking stuff. I flipped flopped between taking it seriously and it being a hobby, but the one thing that remained constant was that I was learning how to blog as I blogged. When I found something that was useful to me, I'd blog about it here.

Because this blog was hosted by Blogger, I didn't shut it down. So I'm trying to get it in a place where it's up to date, back to life, and then lower maintenance.

You can see my portfolio and stuff at...

Why did I shut down blogs? 

A few years ago, I don't know how to describe it, like most writers would say, "I was depressed," but I don't think that can convey what I went through at all because there's also, "I was in a failing marriage that ended in divorce," and "My house is haunted and resembles Poltergeist sometimes so I'm always drained," and "I have narcolepsy and PTSD," and I kind of don't want to convey what I was going through because a lot of it I still don't understand, and a lot of it is embarrassing, but for a year, I only had the energy and mental capacity to be a mom. I didn't have the extra oomph I needed to blog and be a mom. But I tried for the longest time to push passed it all and carry on.

When I wasn't blogging, I spent most of my internet time watching webinars and taking classes and reading blogs and free printables and ebooks on the topics this blog covers for in case I ever decide to do something again on the internet. Warning, most of them relay the same things like there's nothing new under that sun... I hope to be different.

Why am I Informal? 

Instead of writing articles, I write blog posts here.

When I say it's dummified to my level, what I mean is I attempt to write things out the way I wish other people did so I could have figured it out from reading their blog and not reading 17 articles and messing with it for 3 hours. I also try to entertain just a little because if you read 17 blogs about how to make comments show up on blogger, that gets very boring. I'm hoping someone will stumble on this blog in a google search on how to something and find it like reading the Pub 17 manual the IRS writes and finding the fword nestled within the boredom. I want to be your f-word. Plus, I know most bloggers drink when they blog, so I try to write things out like, "It's so easy, you can do it drunk."