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The Best Way to Make Money Blogging

Advertised Free Webinars will sell you dreams of earning a six figure income while staying at home as a blogger, as a coach, as a butterfly... as something. And here's some real talk about this life.

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The Best Way to Make Money from Blogging Is a PayCheck

Most people I know who made something of themselves being a stay at home mom and blogger did so by not using their blog to make money, but using their blog as a tool to transition between careers. Many of the women I watched go from fuzzy worm into beautiful butterfly were stuck at home due to motherhood, and they were bored, so they started blogging. And in blogging, they found a new passion, positioned themselves as an expert in that passion, took some classes and did some workshops, and gained resume-friendly experience in that passion via the internet, the network of bloggers, and all the things that come with blogging. 

For instance, one woman I know, she started blogging out of sheer boredom, and maybe some therapy as a way to release pent up frustrations motherhood brought to her table, and she found a thing with it. Her blog reached well over a million fans, incredibly loyal fans who would lick a turd if she asked them to, all looking for a mom to bitch and complain about motherhood. When her blog hit it big, she was harassed by corporations, smaller bloggers, and random guys who might have been Russian Bots, and she turned down offer after offer. Finally, we all talked her into accepting a few things, so she got a book deal, and she had a job writing tweets for a major corporation, and she was on CNN and a few radio shows. But she didn't like that stuff. She dropped it all to pursue life as a behavior specialist. Mental health was her thing, and her blog had nothing to do with mental health, but it gave her brain the break it needed from life to figure out what she really wants. But her resume now has "Published author" on it, and CNN interview, and writer. 

Many bloggers I know started out as a blogger, they joined all the Facebook groups they could find on blogging, and they networked. In their circle of friends, they met better opportunities such as working full time for Salon Magazine, being a social media coordinator, working in television, etc. Most are published or featured somewhere in a book or on some major news network, and those things led to new opportunities. 

So in my experience, the best way to work from home is to aim to get back out. The blogger's dream isn't in sales revenue, but in getting a better pay check and a job that is more in line with your passion as opposed to that thing you do so that way you can have electricity. 

Nobody wants to work from home forever anyway. 

For real, it's depressing being online all the time and not around real humans, and it requires something a regular job doesn't... I'm regurgitating my morning beverage when I say these words... Self. Discipline. Ohhhhhh it's awful. It's like cleaning the house: every day you have to bring yourself to DO a task that you would normally enjoy doing on a whim, but since you planned it (or worse, thanks to procrastination, it now just NEEDS to get done), now it's a task, and you have no real reason to do it besides your own will. You impress NO ONE with it. There is no glory. No benefit beyond a gamble. You could be wasting your time and your life, but you'll never know until you do it. 

But Blogging is a Great Passive Income 

But blogging also, in my experience supplies a nice passive income, meaning a secondary rainy day fund. 

According to Blogging Basics 101, you can make money:

  1. Google AdSense
  2. Sell your own Ads
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Sell Digital Products
  5. Content Marketing for a Business
  6. Sell Memberships
  7. Build Credibility to Land a Better Job

Here's my take on some of this.... 


In my experience and observations, Ads require a high page view volume in order to really get anything worth your time, like you need at least half a million people checking out your site monthly, like you get a penny each time someone clicks those ads, so you need a lot of clicks. Most individual bloggers don't get that high traffic. Collaborative sites with multiple writers are usually what gets that, and that's after years of building a reputation. Most of them also spit out lots of articles in a short period of time (30 to 100 articles a week). 

I've read articles about people building many free websites, like they will spend a week and build a site where they write 70 articles for that site in that niche, rich in SEO, and then they put up the Google AdSense and move on to another site doing the same thing in another niche. I don't know if that works well or not for them in reality, but it's not a bad idea. I can see how in a year or so, you could earn something. 

Selling Stuff

Affiliate marketing and digital products are what I've seen people make a passive income doing. 

Most people who do affiliate marketing tap in on many products, and the most successful ones I've seen blog about blogging while trying to sell affiliate hosting services among 3 to 5 other affiliate sales that are business / blogging related. So the trick there is to sell products that are in line with your niche, and are things your readers are going to want or need. 

Direct Sales is another boat. Beauty bloggers could sell beauty products through places like Avon, Mary Kay, Limelight, Younique, Posh... They have diet, exercise, health foods, chemical free cleaning products, all types of things through a company already formed where you are the salesperson of their product. I don't see this done much, like most people who do these sales don't often blog about actual things related to it, and people who blog about it rarely sell stuff to go with it. But if my friends selling makeup would do tutorial videos, they would probably reel me in much more effectively than just adding me to their Facebook group where they post about their sales and parties. 

There are many places and avenues to sell stuff. You can sell hand-made items on Etsy, graphic design items on Creative Market, t-shirts and coffee mugs that you design on Cafepress or Zazzle, books you write on Amazon, Ebooks on Kindle, services on Fiverr, courses on Udemy or your own courses, apps on wherever... Then the blog is just the content marketing strategy for your home business selling some other product. 


I don't know how well people do with this. The only time I've seen this done without an actual app is lately on LinkedIn, I've been getting a lot of messages from people with a site that sells memberships. The last guy who messaged me had a place for writers to hook up with publishers and editors, but it's a paid membership to get the good stuff. Of course, you can set up a free account. A lot of freelancing sites are requiring monthly paid memberships to reach more people. But most sites that offer this successfully offer an app or service, such as unlimited graphic design, stock photos, email services, things that will help improve list building and emails to supplement email services, etc. 

I don't see online subscriptions toward writing to be a thing yet beyond library subscriptions. There's just too much free content online that you really need to offer more than just writing an article as a product. A lot of journals require a subscription to access their countless of scholarly studies beyond the abstract, and that's worth it for people like journalists who want to cite those studies, but for the most part, it's not a cash cow on the internet. Hell, anymore, you should do your own study just to get clicks to your blog let alone money. 


This is where I've earned most of my money online. My blog had very little to do with this, but it gave me the network that brings me here. I tried sites like Freelancer (I've been meaning to try Upworks someday), but my main thing is I look for freelance job opportunities. Sometimes it's a friend in my network of bloggers I have just because I blog, and sometimes a friend in that network will post opportunities in Facebook for companies and what not, and sometimes it's an actual job listing. As a writer, I also can just submit to places who pay for articles. 

The best places to find these opportunities are joining Facebook groups of professional bloggers, some are labeled writing opportunities, and signing up for email lists at places like Writer's Digest. Usually, it helps to land the client if you heard of them through someone they know as opposed to a cold application on Freelancer. 

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