- Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Free Social Media Icons Font and Images

I have blogged about the importance of having social media links on your blog. Mainly, you want repeat business, and you want numbers on your social media. Here's some freebies if you need them... These are free for any use (personal and commercial), but in accordance with the trademarked use of the images. For instance, you can use Facebook wherever Facebook will let you use their F.

Free Social Media Icons and Font

Basic Black Social Media Font

I've put the basic black images as a font together. Half of it is the black images on a clear background, and the other half are black circles with a clear social media image in the middle.

Pink Watercolor Social Media Icons

These are pink watercolor spots with social media icons on them. I did the spots by hand in Photoshop. Provided are the images as jpg's already optimized; however, the file complete with a Photoshop file with layers of all the social media icons is also provided.

There are two sets of pink because some blogs are more red pink, and others are more purple pink, and I made both because I didn't like the first pink I did on my blog, but you can see them used on michellegrewe.com 

Free for personal or commercial use; wherever the icons will let you have them. 

Retro Red Social Media Icons

Social media icons that look like a red pillow with social icons on top for a different looking texture perfect for retro sites and those with a red color theme. 

See where I used it on Crumpets and Bollocks

Get the Font and Source Files for the Social Media Icons

Happy Pinning

Remember, the individual pictures of the watercolor social media icons and the retro social media icons are below.