- Thursday, August 28, 2014

Blog Hop Lessons

One of my favorite link-ups / blog hops is Finish the Sentence Friday. We don't require everyone who links up to read all the posts in the link up, but I try to. I started doing that when I co-hosted once, and I try to do that every time I link up with them.

Real quick, not the point I wanted to make but I'll make it...

Reasons I Love FTSF:

1. They get me a lot of traffic for a blog hop. 
2. They get me a lot of comments for a blog hop.
3. Their topics are easy to write, and I seem to write better posts from them that my own readership seems to like.

The point of this post... I've learned some things reading these other blogs. When I'm reading 35 blog posts in a row, on the same sentence prompt, trying to come up with a comment on each post... I figure some things out about how to improve my own writing.

1. Shorter is Better for Blog Hops

The point of any blog hop is to hop through multiple posts. They aren't just reading your post, and a long post is intimidating.

The Bloggess average post length is ideal I think for most blog posts anyway. They say that women between 20 and 30 ish prefer to read shorter things, and women over 30 tend to put more time into reading something longer. 

It's funny because a lot of news articles are short leaving out a lot of information. They tend to focus on a more narrowed scope of a major story and write multiple articles as opposed to doing one story on a major story that entails all those smaller topics. I think it should be flipped. News is the place where you want to provide all the information regarding that story that you can dig up. At least provide it in the form of links. People are always going to Google to find the whole story. 

PS I write really long posts usually. 

2. If you want people to comment on your blog, make sure your post is something they can comment about.

I think to avoid the writer's block of a comment, it would help your readers greatly if you ended every post with a question. I don't do it because I usually don't get comments. I probably don't get comments because I don't ask any questions inviting it. I'm probably going to start braving the whole asking a question nobody answers just to make it invite-able. 

3. Pictures

I don't need pictures to read a post and enjoy it, but I do like seeing faces of children and mothers. I don't post many pictures of my family because I'm thinking, "Nobody cares about us." But, when I read other blogs, I really enjoy seeing a family picture related to the post. 

4. Fonts should be easy to read

You want a boring font for the body of the post for comfort. I strain reading some of these decorative fonts. Arial and Verdana are great fonts for a blog's body. 

5. Eye-Friendly Background 

Busy backgrounds can cause eye strain, but most importantly, if you have a black background with white text, if it takes me more than 30 seconds to read what you said, and I don't blink much when I read, then your blog becomes an optical illusion, and I start seeing shit on my walls that would make Rorschach blush. If it wasn't painful, I'd probably enjoy it. 

Stare at this shit for 30 seconds and then look at the wall. They are calling you.

What are some of the things you noticed reading other blogs that you love or hate? 


  1. I went to a blog recently where one of the ads in the sidebar was one of those .gif things that played over and over. It didn't give me an option to stop it. I turned my volume down but I could still see it moving. I'm on a Mac and I was in Chrome at the time. I copied the link over to Safari and didn't see that anymore. That's a lot to go through to read one post. I seriously hate CAPTCHA, I must be part robot because I get it wrong so much that I think the computer just lets me go through.

    1. Yes, the ads totally get in the way sometimes. I've had an issue on a site that kept refreshing every 5 seconds for the ad, I couldn't get it to stay still long enough to read a paragraph. There was another site that had so many popups, I gave up trying to read whatever was on there. Then the one that really irks me is when the ad covers something like the place comment and refuses to move out of the way.

      And Captcha gets me too. It's like they purposely pick the numbers and letters that are too blurry or too squiggly to figure out what it is. I mean it shouldn't be abstract art. Really, wouldn't it work just the same if they were normal looking?

  2. I like this post! My favorite part of blog hopping is seeing how each writer has a different angle on a topic. I am a fan f shorter posts as well, but sometimes have a tough time honoring that myself.

    1. I'm probably the wordiest person out there, and I tend to travel all tangents my mind goes through while writing something. I too love seeing the different angles of the same post. It's amazing how different posts can be when the prompt is the same.

  3. I really love posts that grab me... whether it's information I need to learn or a message that inspires me to change or lift my perspective. I am not a big fan of long long posts.... I get lost in the words. I try to edit my posts and get rid of unnecessary 'stuff' for that very reason.

    1. I try to edit my posts too, but I swear I'm short post challenged. Sometimes editing makes my post longer somehow. I'm like, "How? I just deleted 3 paragraphs, but I managed to add 5 more?"

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