- Sunday, July 13, 2014

Twitter #blogger Guide

I sometimes hate twitter, but I'm trying to figure the ropes. The hashtag seems to be one of the most prominent features in twitter as it helps tell people what your link is about if you provide a link, but also it makes you visible to people who don't follow you but are searching for content your hashtag labels. However, outside of the trending box of hashtags, twitter doesn't provide you with much insight to what people are actively searching in the realm of hashtags. I have no idea what those hash tags are, but I will tell you the various blogger hashtags are frequently used. #bblogger and #fblogger generally show up in the trending box every day there isn't a big news event (like Paula Deen).

But the letters, like what do they mean? Nobody really tells you, but I searched them and this is what I concluded... Some are probably spot on. Others are probably close. Others, no idea... Read at your own risk from here on out. The most active ones at the time of writing this are in BOLD.


abloggers: Artist Bloggers? Graphic Design and Illustrations
bbloggers: Beauty Bloggers
cbloggers: Crafts
dbloggers: whatever you want it to mean... Dad Bloggers. Design Bloggers. Diabetes. And many many posts at random making me think it could be Denver or Detroit... Some in French which makes me think DeFrenchWord.
ebloggers: this one had a short list, and the best I can decipher... Entertainment Blogging
fbloggers: Fashion Bloggers
gbloggers: used for giveaways, beauty and random, and gardening
hbloggers: health
ibloggers: instagram and/or Irish
jbloggers: jewelry and/or Jewish
kbloggers: Not really happening, mainly kashmire which is actually spelled cashmere with a c
lbloggers: I'm thinking London Bloggers... not sure
mbloggers: Mom bloggers, music and/or mental health
nbloggers: Fingernails and Nail Art
NZbloggers: I'm guessing New Zealand Bloggers but have no clue
obloggers: Not very popular, no real pattern
pbloggers: Pregnant / Pregnancy Bloggers
qbloggers: 2 tweets with it ever, and it's because they used the letter Q somewhere in their name
rbloggers: Review Bloggers and/or RSTATS, which seems to be mainly data and statistics
sbloggers: Social Bloggers and/or Student Bloggers.
tbloggers: Travel Bloggers
ubloggers: not used often, and no pattern
vbloggers: Video Bloggers
wbloggers: Wedding Bloggers
xbloggers: No Results
ybloggers: Very few results, all Youtube.
zbloggers: Two posts showed up, one for zoo and one for zombie apocalypse