- Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Font by Me: Floral Flush Font

I finally finished working on my Floral Flush font of stems and flowers, so you can do that whole look they do at Walmart on the planners, notebooks, folders and journals that are now found on bags at the Family Dollar... You know, this look...

Eventually, I'll provide photoshop brushes of the grayed look.

The beautiful thing about fonts as opposed to photoshop elements is that a font can be used on any program you have, and unless you have Photoshop or something similar to it, or the experience using a program like that, you really don't have much options for pictures to use. As a font, these images can be used on any program that has text. The best thing is, because it's a font, you don't have to worry about pixelation issues when enlarging.


Where can you find this? I have supplied it on my Google Site Attachments, and the link to that link is on my new blog called Doodlegraphs. Really check out Doodlegraphs. I'm compiling all my artwork that I'm supplying free like it's public domain. You can use the photos, fonts, and photoshop elements from Doodlegraphs for any reason, including commercial reasons. I'll be adding to Doodlegraphs periodically. I think after I finish all the little things with this font, my next project will be to play with coffee and wine because they are mommy blogger cliches.

Click to get to this Font Download on Doodlegraphs