- Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Featuring the Gabby Font

The name in the blog address, bellafonts, is there because I do fonts sometimes. It's a hobby. And I just made a new font from the backpack of my child. I compiled all her papers from 1st grade, stole letters here and there, cleaned them up, and created Gabby, the font of an authentic first grader.

Gabby Font

The font most people use when they want a handwritten font, or something that looks like a child wrote it, is comic sans. This man sums up the epic adventure of comic sans well...

Everyone loves to hate Comic Sans. The child-like handwriting font is so infamous, there is a movement to try to ban it. Mention its name to the common layman (aside from a preschool teacher), and you will likely get a chuckle, mention it to a trained designer, and you’ll get a look of disgust.   From kadavy

I think the "professionals" mess up when they forget a font has two purposes.

1. To be a type face in a book or article (there are no copyrights whatsoever for use of a font this way)
2. In a design (i.e. book cover, and the fonts are very copywritten in this manner)

Comic Sans was designed to be something like a typeface used in a program, and it would have looked awful had they gone that route I'm sure, but novice designers found a good use for it in design when trying to portray something handwritten because of its imperfections.

Gabby is not a font like Arial or Helvetica where the point is to use it as a typeface in a book, something uniform and very geometric with perfection in every loop and hole. Nope. It's meant to look like a first grader wrote it because a first grader did, and many times, in Graphic Design (not typefacing), you need something like that.

The problem with fonts like Comic Sans in that sense is it's not imperfect enough to look handwritten. In this day and age, everyone has a font of their own handwriting out there. Ones I particularly like (which happen to be free)...

Daniel Font

Jenna Sue Font
These are fonts that would look horrid in a book, like it would be a tough read. But they are perfect for the book cover. Gabby is a font like this. What I was aiming for at least.

Anyway, if interested in the Gabby, check her out on my fonts. If you know me personally on Facebook, message me and you get the homegirl discount of free.

The other fonts I've done thus far are dingbats...

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Diaper Bag Font
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Leprechaun Vomit Font
And a totally free one with some stipulations on use (commercial ok)...

Cat Crypt Font
Cat Crypt