- Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Facebook's New Algorithm 2014

Facebook is like that friend that drinks all your beer and eats all your food and then leaves without ever contributing to the cause. You hate that friend, but you invite him back and call him constantly because you would miss him for whatever irrational reasoning. It's like you know he's bad for you, but you love him anyway, so you get over it. Like an addiction. Yep. Facebook is that friend.

I had the Dribbles and Grits page. Some of my posts weren't going to more than 10 people of the 3500 who liked the page, so I was like "screw this." I told everyone, multiple times, if they want to see my posts, add me as a friend. I no longer post funny blips or things about my life on that page. It is only picture shares at this point. My personal profile is now set to public, the way Facebook wants it, so they beat me with that one. Well then, my blog domain got hijacked, so I was like, "I need a Facebook page," so now I have one for Crumpets and Bollocks with a whopping, steady 35 people, and it feels rather pointless to post to it.

I still have these pages, sharing pictures and videos that make me laugh in my newsfeed, and my mentality with it is, "hahahahahahaha, click share, let's see, personal profile? Crumpets and Bollocks? or Dribbles and Grits? hmmm, eenie meenie miney mo.." I truly offer nothing more than what is already out there on my pages.

When I first started with the Facebook pages, I considered it more like a radio talk show where I shared multiple things like stuff from my own head, stuff that's funny with my opinion on it, questions, polls, music, video, articles, blogs... Nobody seemed to really like all that crap. So then I stuck to what the "insights" (the fortune teller of Facebook pages) told me people liked, and basically, stupid memes and crap from my head. This decision is tough. What to post. Even the memes themselves, do you post something you've seen EVERYONE share because it's viral? Or do you post something you haven't seen around much that's hilarious because it's original? The sad fact is that people seem to prefer the stuff that's viral, like I think they like liking the same thing 50 times in a period of a week. Or maybe it's a Facebook conspiracy to pick and choose our content for us by manipulating the likes that way. Who knows?

But I think it helps page owners at this point to understand the new algorithm. It's a tough one to google because you get a lot of out-of-date stuff that was popular when it was relevant, and the stuff that's relevant isn't making the Google because it's new and hasn't been read enough yet, not enough to compete in the search results with out of date stuff.

This woman figured it out on her own, and she blogged about it, so I'm re-blogging what she blogged. You should check her out because she's funny, witty and one I enjoy reading...

From Abandoning Pretense

"When you post, Facebook sends a sample blast to a very small percentage of your followers. (I don't think anyone knows what the percentage is; it is secret info, and appears to be ever-changing.) Based on the reaction from that initial blast, the algorithm determines whether or not your post is worthy of being included in other of your followers' newsfeeds. If, based on the reaction of that initial sampling, your post is deemed worthy, it will send another blast to a few more followers. As long as people keep interacting with each subsequent blast, the algorithm will continue to keep pushing the post out. If people do not interact with your post, the algorithm will determine that your post is unworthy of people's newsfeeds. Worse? If you consistently put up posts that do not invite interaction, the algorithm will determine that your page, as in, the whole kit and caboodle, is unworthy. (See video below for more detail on how the algorithm works.) So..."

The rest of her blog post gives quality advice on page management, but the real thing to remember is now that you know how the algorithm works, now you have to get creative to come up with something that works with it.

I hope this helps you. It probably won't help me too much because I've abandoned ship with my Facebook pages. Like it's an old boat just docked somewhere. Maybe I might come back to it and fix it up and sail that ship again some day, when the ocean changes hue or something.