- Friday, May 16, 2014

Someone bought my domain name

So you are starting to blog and you are trying to decide between the two possible domains...

A. www.myblog.blogspot.com. It's free. It doesn't look professional, but it's free.

B. www.myblog.com. You pay to register it, but with blogger, you can connect it to the blog without hosting.

I had done the thing where I started the blog at dribblengrits.blogspot.com. Here's the deal about that. It doesn't expire. By Google's grace, that blog address is yours forever. 

But I wanted to have the www.dribblesngrits.com address to look more professional. So, I did the whole deal. I registered it with Go-Daddy. I went to blogger and gave them the domain name so that if you type that domain name, you get to my blog. If you type my old blog domain with blogger, it will correct itself to my new domain name and take you to my blog. 

It was beautiful. Until dribblesngrits.com expired. Someone was watching for it. I forgot about the time of year to renew my deal. I think I did a two year deal, so that made it worse. I didn't get the email because I had an old email reserved for mainly junk and newsletters attached to the account. There was no auto-renew. The one thing on the internet that I would have actually appreciated an auto-renew feature... So, now some guy in Japan has my domain name. 

No big deal. I'll just re-name it. Right? Wrong. 

I renamed the blog Crumpets and Bollocks. I bought that domain. But now all my old links don't work. Anywhere I linked to my blog, "Come check me out at www.dribblesngrits.com" is now a bad link. Anywhere I said, "I wrote an article on that check it out," doesn't work anymore. 

I also have to change all my links at my social media accounts, blogger feed accounts, etc., many of which have the user name dribblesngrits that I cannot change easily to re-brand. 

Then it gets worse. Google was responsible for most of my blog traffic. Now that's gone. It's as if it has to re-crawl through my blog to get the new links for articles that people were finding in search. 

Then I just realized, all the links to my blog within my blog are bad. I wrote a lot of blog posts to go through, this will take days to fix. 

The solution, where I could have gone right... Besides buying a lifetime subscription to my own domain that I built, the solution would have probably have been to type most of my links to my blog via the blogspot address. 

See one place I was lucky was feedburner handles my subscriptions. And the link they have to my blog is my blogspot address, so no matter that change, my subscribers are going to the right place. The emails being sent are good ones, and their feed of my blog is accurate. 

So lesson learned. If you blog this way, blogger blog with a domain name, use your blogger link for your SEO links, links within posts, and especially your social media accounts and feeds. The domain name you purchase is only for show. The only time you'd really want to have things go to your address is if you plan on switching to a wordpress platform on your own site some day. 

And if you purchased a domain name, watch it like a hawk. Don't let other people get their grubby little hands on it. I would almost swear they watch for domains about to expire just to purchase those in hopes to sell it to the owner for more money.