- Saturday, May 31, 2014

Get Related Posts on your Blogger Blog

Related posts within a blog

I wanted "Related Posts" at the bottom of my blog posts, something that pulls up related posts based on labels.

I did attempt the whole time wasting, "copy this code" and put in template under /head and put over /postfooter stuff and then create a widget... and if it worked, at best, I got related posts at the very bottom of my blog, not at the bottom of the blog post, but the whole blog, under comments and a bunch of other stuff.

The method that was the easiest, as well as the most functioning, putting the related posts where I wanted them, is this...

Go to Link Within

And you basically do what it says...

Enter your info (email, blog site, etc.) and click get widget

If you choose the Blogger platform and get an "oops" annoying this didn't work page, start over. Do it again, but this time, instead of choosing blogger, choose OTHER for your platform. There you can get the code to put in an html widget, and put the widget at the bottom of your blog posts.


UPDATED NOTE: I just finally tried to add it to this blog, and I had one issue. It seems it has to be placed in a gadget right under your blog posts in layout, not under any other gadgets.