- Friday, November 1, 2013

Twitter and Pinterest Live Feed on your blog

I was reading Moms Who Drink and Swear and noticed I was no longer in the Chicago Now place she usually is. Nope, she is now surfing on her own site. I assume it has more freedom for design because she had some new things in her sidebars. The ones that made me drool in envy (right in her coffee too, don't tell her), the twitter and pinterest live feeds.

So I did what I normally do when I see something I want, I googled it. There are many articles to tell you how to do it the hard way. This one is the easy way. Both sites offer their own widgets.


Go to twitter's site and log in. Click the gear in the top right. Click widgets in the left. Click create a new in the top right. Follow directions. Copy the html code.

In blogger, add a gadget in your lay-out. Choose the html one. Paste the code in there. Save.

If you want it in a post or page in blogger, you can switch to html view (instead of compose) on the top left, and paste the code where you want it. Switch back to normal view when you are done coding.


They have a pinterest for businesses. I didn't play with that yet because I'm good just being me on there with a fake name (I'm glad my parents didn't name me Untouchable in all honesty). But that's where you go to do the widget thing...

1. Click this link here... http://business.pinterest.com/widget-builder/#do_pin_it_button

2. You have some options. I did the PROFILE WIDGET for a live feed of some of my pins.

3. Type in your user URL (they have it defaulted to Pinterest.com).

4. Show Advanced Options (Optional). Here you can change things like the width.

5. Then click BUILD IT. It should show a preview of the widget.

6. Now go to your blog. For Blogger users, add a gadget. HTML. Copy and paste the code from INSERT THE LINK on the Pinterest widget page. Then copy and paste the code from LOAD THE JAVASCRIPT under the other code. You're done.

Note: If you are putting the pinterest gadget on a website where you do all the coding as opposed to a blogging platform, I think you want to put the link where you want the gadget to be, and you can put that gadget in multiple places pasting the link where you want it, and then you put the Java somewhere in the code, and only once, like that code affects the whole website.

Hopefully this will help you do this. I think it's a fabulous idea because we use social media to draw in new readers to the blog, and the blog to draw new members of our social network. It makes the blog much more interactive for readers to see what you are doing elsewhere on the interwebs and follow you there as well repinning your pins, retweeting your tweets.... But with all the bells and whistles of social media, the blog is your main event. It compiles all the info about you in one place.