- Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Slideshow Blog Article

Ever see the Babble and Chicago Now articles that has a slideshow as the bulk of their content in their post?

Something like these articles...



Have you ever wanted one on your blog and couldn't? Well I found the easy button.

It wasn't easy finding the easy button. See the problem is I, a long time ago, decided to do my blog in Blogger. Wordpress has a bunch of plugins for content sliders and slide shows. Blogger does not. In fact, if you google it, you are going to find articles that focus mainly on outdated blogger versions, or putting a slider in your "gadgets" which goes in your sidebar or header, something that shows up on every page and post. Not what you are looking for when it comes to Top Ten Food posts.

It's almost like Blogger doesn't want you to do this at all.

This is kind of a presentation of my journey. It's something I threw together to play with to see if it was going to work for me. It did. Now I'm going to show you how to do this...

METHOD ONE: Using Slide Show

I just want a slider on my blog from dribblesngrits


1. Create a presentation in PowerPoint on your computer
2. Go to http://www.slideshare.net/
3. Create your account
4. Upload Presentation
5. Copy embed code
6. Go to your blog post where you are typing your post
7. Switch to HTML (where you type in HTML, like Blogger offers Compose mode or HTML mode to type a post)
8. Paste the code

That's it.

It's not exactly a flash jquery thing that does all sorts of tricks like fade and autostart, but it's perfect for posts like Top Ten Recipes I Found

METHOD TWO: Using Sky Drive

You can use Microsoft Sky Drive and their presentation software online or upload your own. Once in sky drive, you can copy an embed code and paste in html just like Slide Share. The instructions are best said here on Microsoft's Site.

1. Go to Microsoft's Powerpoint Web App
2. Create Presentation
3. Go to File. Share. Embed. Generate Code. Choose size.
4. Copy Code.
5. Paste Code in HTML where you want to embed the slideshow.

METHOD THREE: Google Presentation

 Google will let you create a powerpoint on their presentation software on the web. I can't find a way to not auto play the slides, but it has options for larger presentations.  Here's the steps to getting it on your blog.

1. Go to google drive (I just google "google drive" and it goes to my drive every time).
2. Under the down arrow to the top right, choose create new presentation
3. Create your presentation
4. Go to File. Click Publish to the Web. Click Embed Tab. Decide size. Click publish and a code will appear. Copy code.
5. Go to your blog post you want to embed the presentation. Choose HTML for entering information. Paste code. You can toggle back to compose if you are in blogger to see where it appears and size.