- Thursday, May 23, 2013

I Comment Luv Comment Luv

I fell in love with Comment Luv when I saw it on blogs. Out of all the comment doohickey options, that is definitely my favorite. As a blogger, Facebook comments on your blog is kind of cool because people's friends see them post a comment and some are nosy enough to check out your blog and maybe follow it. But as a commenter, I like Comment Luv because I can link to my blog without all my Facebook friends being nosy up in my business with what I'm commenting; however, I can choose to post my Facebook comments as my page and onto my page, and that I like to do. So it's hard for me to choose between the two.

See Comment Luv on The Bloggess.

See Facebook Comments on Moms Who Drink and Swear or Insane in the Mom-brain

See both I'm going to touch in this tutorial on my regular blog Dribbles and Grits

You'll want to click on a specific blog post to see comments.

For ages, Comment Luv as far as I was concerned was reserved for Wordpress blogs. I am in Blogger, and after changing back and forth a few times between the two wanting something so easy an idiot can do it, I chose blogger (Wordpress was just too complicated for me to get my blog to look the way I was content with, and half the plug ins for it didn't work). I'm not moving again. Moving a blog is like moving your home. It's a pain in the pooper.

So today, I was going to put Facebook comments on my blog, and I hit many roadblocks. I couldn't get it where I wanted it exactly. Close, but not exact. Nothing like what the blogs I mentioned got going. Not to mention, 90% of the tutorials out there on the subject are for old school facebook. Seriously, I drank 2 energy drinks to stay awake enough to read through them all. I hate code. It's so boring.

Then I stumbled on Comment Luv for blogger. So now I have both on my blog. Hopefully, this is one of the first articles you are reading on the subject before you fall asleep from code boredom. I'm willing to bet both Patti and Nikki mentioned above had someone else handle their turds for them because I know them too well to know they'd say eff it before reading all the boring stuff I just read. Seriously, if they did read all the stuff I just did, they didn't do it sober. No way.

Note: after reading all the stuff I just did, I will attempt to not be boring with this blog in the name of looking professional. Screw professionalism. It's so soporific that it would put Tigger to sleep.

Okay, so the boring stuff presented in a not as boring way...


Okay, everybody wants you to create an app, copy this, go to your html, find this stuff that doesn't exist in your template, paste underneath it and then copy and paste more stuff in more places and UGH!!!!

The easiest I found for blogger came from THIS ARTICLE. Basically...

1. Layout
2. Add Gadget
3. HTML/Java Script
4. Copy this code

  var js, id = 'facebook-jssdk'; if (d.getElementById(id)) {return;}
  js = d.createElement('script'); js.id = id; js.async = true;
  js.src = "//connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js#xfbml=1";
<div class="fb-comments" data-href="http://thatsblogginglab2.blogspot.com/" data-num-posts="10" data-width="500"></div>

5. Paste that code into the HTML box (not the title)

6. Change the green stuff to your web address
7. Change the width after "data-width" if you want. You can play with it like start off at 500 and then see what it looks like. If it's ugly, then go back, edit the gadget, and change that to a higher or lower number depending on what you need.

With this, you can move that gadget where you want it. I put it after POST. You can create a gadget anywhere and then just click and drag it where you want it. Only thing is, it will show up under your current comments, even under HOME and other stuff. But I got a feeling this is the easiest way. You can choose to hide the blogger comments in your blogger by going to settings, comments, and then choosing hide under the drop arrow. You won't need to do that if you do this comment luv thing I'm about to discuss with it.


This is how I stumbled on this. First I went here. Then I went here.  Then I started doing the stuff from the tutorial and found it much easier...

I went to Intense Debate's website.

I created my profile (select option to install on blog). I did the confirmation email.

When I confirmed, it instantly went to the page I needed to go next, but because I did it in two different browsers, I messed up and then was stuck looking for it on the profile. If you do that by accident somehow like I did, you can click extras and it will tell you to set up your site before you can do that. Click on that. OR If you started to make a site and need to go back to it or add a new site, go to SITES and click the site you want or ADD NEW SITE. Sites will not be an option until you at least set up one site.

From here, it's really follow directions...

So then it asks blogger platform if you don't have a blogspot.com address (it will immediately assume blogger if you have blogspot.com in your address). Choose blogger if you have blogger. If not, choose the one you have. It has options for Tumblr and Wordpress, but if you have wordpress, check out all the comment luv options as a plug in.

For Blogger, then it says to download your template from blogger telling you how to do it. (Template, backup, download, save.) Then you find that file you saved in the browse option and upload it.

Then it takes you to a page where you copy the code they give you from your template. Then you go back to blogger, in template, edit html, click in the html code, control A to select all, delete (I know, it's scary, grow some cojones. You backed it up like Juvenile), and then paste (control V or right click and paste). Then hit save. Look at your blog. Easy like Sunday Morning, or desperate hookers. 

Somewhere, I forget where, you have two options with whether or not to combine with old comments or replace on the posts that have yet to have comments. I went with the recommended one (replace on posts that have yet to have comments). Something to that extent. Anyway, the reason, it looked like in support that combining the two had some bugs for some people.

Don't lose your template you saved to your computer. If ever you want to delete this, you'll need to copy and paste that template back.

Any changes you make to the template (like colors and such) in the blogger after doing this will update with this in there, but you will lose those changes if you restore to the one you had saved before making those changes. I hope that makes sense. I told you I drank 2 energy drinks, and I'm chasing them down with Diet Coke. I should probably clean my house or run a 5k or something.

The guy who invented comment luv on the first here, I COMMENTLUV him. I'd add dry humping him to my bucket list, but he's so hot, I'd be angry the humping was dry and clothed so he's on the list that rhymes with bucket and starts with an F, but in a good way on that list, in the case I ever get a divorce.