- Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Easy Peasy Contact Form

If you have a blog, there's that dreaded about me and contact me section. Many bloggers just provide an email address, but others have really cool looking forms. Sometimes, you are just kind of drooling at the level of expertise the blogger had on their website when really, it's so easy, Geico can do it.

First, the hard way... To get a more customized form, like the look and the fields, your best bet is to either get a book on html or to google for tutorials. Some of the tutorials on the web I think are harder to understand, not because the task is hard, but explaining it is, and sometimes the experts leave out important information. The books I use are specifically for dreamweaver, even though half of the stuff is just code. I never made a form out of straight code, but it looks to be a painstaking process to me, like it's probably easier than what I think but still too difficult for me to want to get into on my blog...

Second, the easy way... Foxy Form

You basically say what fields you want, type in an email, get code. Just make sure your blog is in "html" setting to paste the code.

See, I told you there was an easy button for this. I just hope that site lasts a while for you.

If you want a pretty form... I changed from Foxy Form and started using Google Forms. I got the idea from Huff Post. It's fairly simple to navigate. You create a form. If you already have a Google Drive, the form will be saved there. The spreadsheet of the responses will also be saved there. Getting an email to every response is possible, but that's not that easy and a how-to may be saved for another day, but I personally like not having to get an email for it when it came to Submissions. The idea of a bunch of emails scattered about regarding submissions is not as nice as the idea of a spreadsheet listing them for each field.

With Google forms, you can embed it into a web page (it's more like an iframe), or you can just link to the actual form that is its own page with a crazy google address. If you do that, you'd want to open in a new page so to leave your wonderful website or blog available to the user.